Bespoke Experiences


Carmen Fontana Experience

Welcome aboard the Carmen Fontana!

Offering the ultimate in amenities, comfort and service, the luxury motor yacht Carmen Fontana will encapsulate your vacation impressions like no other experience.

This ultra-glamorous super yacht offers a variety of options for discovery, leisure and romance.

From cruises to secluded beaches where you can relax in privacy and swim in crystal-clear waters, to wedding ceremonies and receptions, birthday and anniversary celebrations, candlelit dinners for two beneath the stars, and private parties until the sun comes up!

Olive Grove Spa

Pamper yourself in the heart of Messinia’s most iconic rural landmark… the olive groves.

Immerse yourself in a bespoke spa experience beside thousand-year-old olive trees, to the music of cicadas, while the sun’s rays kiss your skin and skilful therapists apply advanced soft-tissue treatments with Healing Massage Remedies that expand on the ideas of Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine’.

Allow yourself to be transported into a more relaxed state of being as the gentle Ionian breeze filters through the millennia-old olive grove, elevating your body and spirit.

Private Thematic Dinners

On a trip to celebrate a special occasion, an anniversary, or your loved one’s birthday?

Make it a day to remember with a private dinner on a secluded beach, watching the sun set over the water, gently caressed by the summer breeze that carries the fresh scent of the Ionian Sea.

Or, become one with nature in the heart of the olive groves, as you enjoy a personalized private dining experience in verdant splendor.

Executive chef Angelos Kalinteris will be only too happy to prepare a fine menu featuring the region’s purest natural ingredients.

Dinners may be further enhanced by combining them with the Astronomy Nights star-gazing experience, the interactive narration of Myths, Legends and Folktales, or Songs Around the Table about love and nature, performed a capella by local women!

Myths, legends and Folktales

From myths and legends about great gods and goddesses, fearless heroes, fire-breathing monsters and other terrifying creatures of the ancient Greeks, to actual historical events, cultural traditions and didactic folktales, this storytelling experience will enhance your knowledge of the region and capture the imagination of all ages.

These stories, passed down from generation to generation, are brought to life through interactive narration, presented in the most evocative setting, amidst olive trees in the Messinian countryside, under the stars.

Traditional Embroidery Makeover

Transform ordinary outfits into wearable works of art!

Bring your own denim shorts or summer t-shirt and decorate it with local designs and patterns! You will soon discover that the possibilities are endless, as you turn an unremarkable garment into a personalized artwork.

Before leaving, participants will be given an instruction manual and the tools to continue pursuing their embroidered outfit dreams at home.