Celebrating Teen Spirit


Celebrating Teen Spirit

At Costa Navarino, each day is a celebration of life, friendship, and new beginnings. This can be seen at Division 16, the brand new vibrant meeting place for teens, young adults and all those who feel young.

Reaffirming its reputation as a premier family destination, Costa Navarino proudly presents a one-of-a-kind teens concept with a 60s vibe and fun-packed activities that tap into the needs of youngsters.

Bursts of color and sound, classic American dishes with a healthy twist, signature mocktails, a dessert bar were imagination goes wild, an original photo booth, a bowling alley, state-of-the-art, a tailor-made escape room with a mission to save the planet and a digital version of the popular Mafia game (Night falls in Palermo), set the scene for memorable moments.

A DJ lays down the beats, as the Karaoke stage beckons hidden talent and the dance floor becomes a magnet for new moves and routines.

Feeling comfortable in the safe environment of Costa Navarino, teens are free to express themselves, develop their personalities and create their own international community of friends, all while having fun and living their summer independence to the maximum.

American dining with a twist

The Costa Navarino gastronomical experience is all about healthy choices. And this is certainly true at TeenSpace.

Slow-cooked Black Angus beef, or roast chicken, is served in a beetroot brioche bun; salads made from locally sourced vegetables and hand mixed sauces; roasted baby potatoes and the original mac and cheese are just a few choices.

The funky culinary experience is crowned by signature mocktails full of juicy, vitamin-rich fruit, along with a selection of heavenly desserts.

Karaoke party time

Hidden talents are revealed as the fun kicks in on the Karaoke stage. Karaoke is a great way to bring friends, family, and strangers together for special moments that create lasting memories. Teens can choose their favorite style, pick a song and let the party begin!

Hit those pins!

Whether someone sees it as a sport, game or recreational activity, ten-pin bowling is easy to pick up but hard to master. Teens may sign up for their first game or take it to the next level by entering a competition. New friends will be made, and the winner takes the prize!

Photo fun

A retro style photo booth is not only enormous fun but also elevates the value of a moment captured in time far beyond a simple post or tweet. A great way of creating memories!

Escape to… the future

In the Escape Room, young guests will be ‘transported’ to the year 2050, where they have to combine clues and solve the riddles in order to find Costa Navarino’s scientific research to fight climate change and keep our planet safe.

"Night falls in Palermo"

The popular Mafia game can be played with 8-15 players where technology takes over the coordination and assigns each player a secret role. The players try to eliminate the “bad guys” so that the good people of Palermo are saved.