Environmental Education & Research

Navarino Environmental Observatory

Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO), the fruit of cooperation between Stockholm University, the Academy of Athens and TEMES S.A., is dedicated to research and education on climate change and its impacts on the natural environment and human activities in the Mediterranean region.

Located at Costa Navarino, the NEO research station is a dynamic hub for modern research on environment and climate, where scientists from all over the world exchange knowledge and ideas, while at the same time developing new research tools and methods.

The research activities of NEO cover a wide range of topics of local as well as global relevance and are carried out by scientists.

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Navarino Natura Hall

Together with Stockholm University, the Academy of Athens and a number of NGOs, TEMES has established Navarino Natura Hall, an interactive environmental exhibition centre at Costa Navarino which informs visitors and locals about the unique biodiversity of Messinia and the work currently undertaken by NEO, familiarizing them with current environmental issues. Navarino Natura Hall combines modern interactive technologies, slide shows and films about the surrounding habitats with on-line updates on current Navarino Environmental Observatory projects and information about how the research is carried out. From 2012 onwards, the center runs a special educational program for local schools, created together with the University of Peloponnese. The program is based at Navarino Environmental Observator and has so far been attended by more than 3,800 local schoolchildren.

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