Water Management

A water management study covering the whole of western Messinia provided the necessary scientific background for the design of a sustainable water management system for Costa Navarino, which utilizes water that is naturally replaced.

The study identified local water resources and explored the impact of climate change on water availability. The findings of this study revealed that there is a substantial quantity of surface water from the local rivers (50 million m3/year) which ends up in the sea without been used due to the lack of storage infrastructure.

On the basis of these findings, three reservoirs of approximate total capacity 1,180.000 m³ were specifically designed and constructed to meet the irrigation needs of Costa Navarino. The reservoirs, fully integrated into the surrounding landscape, are filled by a very small percentage of the excess runoff from local rivers, just before flowing into the sea. This water, together with highly treated recycled water from our wastewater plant, is more than enough to cover the irrigation needs of Costa Navarino for the whole season.

Additionally, a series of water-saving measures are constantly applied, based on best available practices that focus on consumption monitoring (e.g. leak control, improved efficiency), including educational programs for visitors.